Group Function Packages

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  • Süre: 2 Saat (Tahmini)
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Indigenous Twist Group Function Packages 

Our Indigenous Twist Group Function options are plentiful, fresh and packed with all the treats of a grazing spread but with a unique difference.

Delivered straight to your next event, function or corporate luncheon we take all the hassle out of shopping and preparing a delicious wholesome array of goodies for your event. 

Perfect for morning, lunch and/or afternoon teas or to graze all day long for snacking. 

COVID Compliance- All serves individual serves, lunch packs include cutlery pack of serviette, knife & fork. 

All our packaging is Eco friendly and ready to be disposed of thoughtfully, as we value our mother earth so much.  

Minimum Orders -20 Serves 

** Available Thursdays 11am-1pm ** 

** Monday- Wednesdays & Fridays via email and subject to availability **

Grazing Snack Pack - Individual Serve Boxes - 110mm x 90mm 

  • 2 Cheeses- Soft & Hard 
  • Crackers 
  • Seasonal Fruit 
  • Cured Meat 
  • Sweet 

Lunch Box Individual Serve Boxes -152mm x 120mm  Served Warm 

  1. Bush Spice Maryland Chicken- coated in Dwayne's bush spice 
  2. Native Pepper (V) -stuffed with native spiced ricotta and cheese
  3. Shoalhaven Black Fish (GF) -  coated with myrtle and spice fried off in rivermint oil 
  4. Saltbush Firttta (V)- Fresh Saltbush with local fresh eggs in a thick tart pastry  
* Lunch Boxes are served warm and with sides of Warrigal green potatoes, Strawberry Gum slaw & Rivermint sourdough   

Delivery Options 

Delivery fee charges based on distance from Callala Bay

  • 1km-25km- included 
  • 25km-50km -$100 per order
  • 50km-100km- $250 per order

Note; Distances over 100km need to be negotiated internally with us, fees will be based on distance and order amount- Sydney and Canberra can be considered. To find out more please email us

Note: Please be aware of your distance from our location inclusive of delivery of 25km from Callala Bay. Your order will only be confirmed if the correct distance is paid for initially. See extras to include and pay outside of 25km. 

Delivery Times

** Available Thursdays 11am-1pm ** 

** Monday- Wednesdays & Fridays via email and subject to availability **

Note - We can work within your needs of delivery times, this needs to be negotiated prior to confirmation of your order being delivered.  Please be specific with your required time of delivery so we can be on time. 

Neutral pick up locations 

For customers outside of 25kms that are happy to meet us to receive their order and not incur a higher delivery charge, this meeting point is at McDonalds South Nowra.

Note; your order will not be confirmed if the correct delivery area is not paid for up front. 


Please note that these need to be requested upon booking of your order we cannot guarantee that your order will have your request catered for unless this occurs. 

We also strongly recommend that people with high complex dietaries please discuss this with us or the booking contact, Mirritya Mundya does not take responsibility for these considerations without us being informed.  

We only cater for: Vegetarian, Gluten Free and Pescatarian

Drop Off & Handover of Goods Liability 

Mirritya Mundya will build and present your order to our high standard of presentation quality, once we handover or drop off the goods we take no responsibility for any damage of movement of the goods presentation. This also includes events catering of larger scale, we prefer to place, present and have space to do this when required.